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We make beautiful candidate presentation, easy. Make your candidates stand out. 

Brand Control

Drive consistency and standardisation with company-wide branding settings. 

Brand Control

Template Builder

Use our self-service template builder to design your beautiful CV templates. 




Use our template builder to create beautiful, professional templates. 

Complete Customisation

Match your existing template or design a new one. 

World-Class Design Team

Work with our world-class design team to build cutting edge CVs.

Unlimited Templates

Have one per customer / client / consultant / division. 

Brand Control

Choose the templates available to your consultants for consistency. 

Build Once, Reuse Many Times

Once designed, your templates can be used on all your CVs.

CV Template Builder

Add Candidates

Upload your CV, or send directly from your CRM - all major file types accepted.


CVs are processed by our market-leading AI. Your consultants just need to verify the AI & add any notes. 

CV Editor.png


1. Market Leading AI

CVs are processed by our Multi-Parsing AI. The AI does the first draft of your formatted CV and adds branding. 

3. Add Covering Notes

Consultants add any covering notes, as defined in your templates. Good chance to upsell the candidate.

2. Consultants Verify the AI

Consultants quickly verify the AI data and make any edits to the formatted CV, if required. 

4. Download & Send ✅

Once happy, either download the CV, or send it back to your CRM, ready to be sent out, instantly. 

CV Editor
Data Security

Data Security

You have complete control of your data. Choose whether you want to be able to store and reuse CVs on our platform, or auto-delete immediately. 


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