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Streamline Your CV Formatting with HireAra - easily build client submission templates.

Recruiters often struggle with managing a large number of candidates while ensuring that their CVs meet specific client requirements. Organising CVs, formatting them, and writing personalised content for each candidate can take up a significant amount of time and effort. The solution? HireAra.

HireAra is a platform that simplifies the candidate presentation process and saves valuable time. It offers customisable templates, AI-powered parsing and formatting, seamless CRM integration, and easy editing capabilities. With HireAra, you can transform a candidate's CV into a polished, standardised, and consistent document that aligns with the exact template specified by your client. Here's how.

CV Formatting Automation

HireAra's CV formatting automation is powered by AI that parses and formats the CVs within a matter of seconds. When you add a CV to HireAra, the platform first parses the document using multiple different CV parsers to extract the relevant information. Then, it formats the CV according to the defined template, making sure that it aligns with the client's requirements. This formatting process ensures that the CVs maintain a consistent and professional appearance.

Cover Sheet

HireAra adds your predesigned cover sheet in the exact format ad defined by your customer, containing the key information automatically added by HireAra. This cover sheet is editable, allowing you to make any adjustments or corrections. Additionally, the candidate's full CV follows below and can be edited in the system if you need to tweak or tidy up, you can do so effortlessly.

Candidate Submissions

By using HireAra, you can streamline your candidate submissions. HireAra allows you to set up templates for different clients, ensuring that your candidates' CVs are formatted exactly as defined by each client. These templates have been designed to include the key information that each client wants to see on a candidate's CV. You can create your own template in your own brand for Speccing using the HireAra template. By using these templates, you can ensure consistency and professionalism in your candidate submissions.


Managing candidates and their CVs can be time-consuming and challenging, especially when each client has specific formatting and content requirements. However, with HireAra, you can optimise your candidate management process and save valuable time. The platform ensures that your submissions are professional, consistent, and meet the exact specifications outlined by your clients. With HireAra, you can streamline your workflow and focus on finding the right candidates for your clients' needs.


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