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Beyond the CV: Crafting World-Class Candidate Presentation with HireAra

In the competitive world of recruitment, the perception is often that presenting a candidate to a prospective employer is just about CV formatting. However, for any recruitment agency aspiring to offer a world-class service, diving below the ‘iceberg’ and taking a more encompassing approach is pivotal. HireAra is pioneering this shift, providing invaluable support to recruitment agencies eager to showcase their candidates effectively.

Diving Below the Iceberg

Offering memorable candidate presentation extends far beyond CV formatting. It encompasses writing compelling sales emails, designing detailed spec CVs, completing client cover sheets with precision, and drafting in-depth profiles, summaries, biographies, and notes about the candidate. These elements collaboratively contribute to painting a holistic picture of the candidate, enabling hiring managers to gauge the fit more accurately.

The Ease of HireAra

HireAra’s AI Assistant is an innovative solution tailored to help recruiters write world-class content, quickly; presented in a consistent, standardised structure. By leveraging this intelligent assistant, agencies can devote more energy to higher value tasks, building relationships, selling, and worry less about intricate and time-consuming presentation. Recruit not format.

2000% ROI - A Real Illustration

In collaboration with a large PLC recruiter, HireAra demonstrated the significance of holistic candidate presentation. Deploying HireAra to directly help consultants with all aspects of candidate presentation, from formatting CVs, writing outbound sales emails, summaries and even making candidate websites, HireAra was able to deliver 2000% ROI for this client.

Support in Amazing Content Creation

HireAra's AI Assistant is like a helpful friend to consultants, making it easy for them to write amazing content. The AI Assistant creates detailed and well-rounded drafts, helping consultants write comprehensive and impressive content; getting over writer’s block. With HireAra, consultants can save time and energy while making sure that the content truly showcases the candidates' abilities and suitability for the job.


To truly excel and deliver world-class candidate presentation, agencies must perceive candidate presentation as going deeper than just CV formatting. It is about exploring beneath the surface and showcasing the candidate’s key abilities, and your assessment of them. HireAra is instrumental in guiding agencies through this nuanced approach.

By embracing the true view of candidate presentation, recruitment agencies can not only realise substantial cost savings but also present their candidates in a way that authentically reflects their capabilities and alignment with a role and the value-add of the recruiter.


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