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How to Automate your Spec CV Process with HireAra

Are you a busy recruiter or HR professional looking for spec CV automation that streamlines the entire process? Look no further! In this guide, I will show you how to harness the power of HireAra, an innovative platform that leverages AI to automate spec CV creation and formatting in less than a minute.

Getting Started with HireAra

To begin, make sure you have your candidate's original CV ready. With HireAra, you can easily import the candidate's existing CV, eliminating manual data entry. HireAra candidate presentation templates are fully customisable, so you can have the perfect template for speccing set up on your account.

AI powered candidate presentation
Set your template

Spec CV Automation in Seconds

Once the template is selected, HireAra's spec CV AI comes into play, processing the CV in just a couple of seconds. Once the CV is ready, on the left-hand side of the screen, you'll see the original CV, while on the right-hand side, a professionally formatted version appears. The candidate's name has been replaced with "Chartreuse Connection" to maintain anonymity, and your contact information is included for easy reference.

AI powered candidate presentation
View & edit your AI created Spec CV

AI-Powered Candidate Presentation

One of HireAra's standout features of HireAra is the AI-powered candidate presentation. The tool automatically generates an executive summary, powered by AI, summarizing the candidate's experience and skills. The AI excels at capturing and presenting the candidate's skills and experience, facilitating clear and compelling communication between you and hiring managers. The summary also includes other technical skills, with a concise sentence dedicated to each one. All of this information is generated by AI, saving you valuable time and effort.

Cover Letters / Recruiters Notes Completed by AI

After the executive summary, the formatted CV includes a quick summary of the candidate's education. Following that, a list of the candidate's different jobs is presented. HireAra's AI has already picked up and neatly formatted the information, making it easy to read. However, if quick edits are necessary, you can simply click anywhere to make adjustments. You can then customise and tweak the CV to the specific needs of the role you are recruiting for.

Export Options for Effortless Sharing

Once you are satisfied with the profile, HireAra offers several export options. You can export the CV as a PDF or Word doc which is ideal for traditional formatted CVs that can be attached to emails. Alternatively, you can create a link / landing page to the candidate's profile for use in an email-sending campaign. By including this link, you can track when a client or hiring manager opens it, receiving email notifications. The landing page for the profile is clean, clear, and visually appealing, presenting the candidate in a highly professional manner.

Conclusion: Use HireAra to make your Agency & Brand Stand Out

Achieving spec CV automation and AI-powered candidate presentation is now within your reach, thanks to HireAra. You can effortlessly produce high-quality spec CVs in less than a minute, saving valuable time and resources. With HireAra, you can stand out from the competition and present your candidates in the best possible light. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up with HireAra today and experience the ease, efficiency, and professionalism of creating and presenting spec CVs for your candidates. Elevate your recruiting with HireAra's spec CV automation and AI-powered candidate presentation capabilities.


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