How Recruiters Present Their Candidates

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We make your CVs stand out

Use HireAra to ensure you get the best-looking CV, submitted to the hiring manager in the least time possible. 

It's important your CVs are fast

You have the best applicant, so get the CV submitted ASAP. Don't lose out on the placement because someone got there first. Most importantly, stop wasting 30 minutes manually formatting a CV.

Get the best-looking CV submitted first. 

Place the candidate, win the deal ✅

It's important your CVs look great
of people form a first impression based on an appearance
of a second
is how long it takes to form an impression of a stranger
We make formatting your CVs, easy
Your CVs, ready in:
  • 1 click.

  • 10 seconds.

  • With your design.

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Seeing is believing.


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