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AI-Powered Candidate Presentation

Beautiful candidate presentation at the click of a button. Make your candidate & agency stand out.

Loved by thousands of recruiters around the world.

Candidate presentation that makes you proud.


Standardisation is a key marker of a high-quality product.


Our AI does the hard

work. CVs are ready

in seconds.


Your CVs are interacted with more than your website.

Let them be beautiful.


Terms of business on

every CV sent out. Guaranteed.

Your candidate is your product. 
Make your product shine
Every time.

We make it easy to build beautiful candidate profiles. Ensure that you sell yourself, as well as your candidate. With consistency, guaranteed.

With Artificial Intelligence that actually adds value.

Our AI isn't just hype, trained on millions of CVs to provide the leading recruitment AI globally. 

Guaranteed consistency, whilst saving you time

Candidate presentation should take minutes not hours. HireAra automates much of the repetitive admin work. Submit your candidates faster.

Making your candidate your best brand asset. Easy.

CV Designs.png
  • Send out candidates 10x Faster.

  • Branding and standardisation guaranteed.

  • Reduce your sales admin by up to 90%.

Get started. Today.

Jump on a demo with one of our founders to see the product live.

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