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Increase your CV send conversion. 

With Beautiful Candidate Presentation. Fast.

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HireAra CV.png
HireAra CV.png

HireAra makes your CVs


Standardisation is a key marker of a high-quality product.


Our AI does the hard

work. CVs are ready

in seconds.


Your CVs are interacted with more than your website.

Let them be beautiful.


Terms of business on

every CV sent out. Guaranteed.

Send out beautifully-branded CVs that make you proud. 

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  • Send out CVs 10x Faster, using our market-leading AI Parsing.

  • Branding and standardisation guaranteed.

  • Reduce your sales admin by up to 90%.



CVs are your best brand asset - you never know who sees them. Make them beautiful and standardised. 



The faster you submit your CVs, the higher your chance of placement. Reduce CV send lead-time. 



Reduce your sales admin to the smallest possible amount. Remove barriers from your sales team. 



Maximise CV conversion and growth through this formula: Branding + Speed + Efficiency


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✅ Unlimited Templates

Create a personalised template per client or consultant.

✅ Integrated

We can integrate seamlessly with all the major CRMs. 

✅ CVs Ready in Seconds

Our unique multi-parsing AI processes your CVs in seconds. 

✅ Unlimited Users

Everyone in your business can log in and use our workflow. 

✅ CV Template Builder

Design beautiful CV templates on our easy-to-use template builder.

✅ GDPR Compliant

Your data is secure - we're GDPR, ISO & Cyber Essentials compliant. 

Get started. Today.

Jump on a demo with one of our founders to see the product live.

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