Applicant Presentation Made Easy

1. Build your Template

As quick and easy as drag and drop. 

Unlimited Templates 

Create a custom one for every client/consultant

Beautiful Branding

Unlimited branding design using our template builder


Make your own templates or grab a free brand review with our design team

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2. Upload your CVs

CVs processed in seconds

Any File Type

We support every file type; PDF, Word, Pages, txt

CVs Processed in 10 Seconds

Beats 20 minutes of manual work right?

Upload, Drag and Drop or Email

Shock, we make it easy for you to add CVs!

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3. Verify the AI

and promote your applicant

Set the Template

Choose which template to apply to the CV

Verify the AI

Double-check the data extracted by the AI 

Upsell the Applicant

Add notes or covering info to showcase the applicant.

Edit CV

4. Download the CV

and send it away!

Best looking CV

Guaranteed quality of branding

Sent the Fastest

Manual formatting bottleneck removed

With the Lowest Admin Effort

Admin effort reduced from 30 mins down to 3

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Place the applicant, win the deal ✅

Other Features

GDPR Compliance

You control your own data

Unlimited Users

An account for everyone in your team

Open to your feedback

We love hearing ideas to improve

Super simple to use

Designed to be as simple as possible