CV Formatting made easy

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1. Build your CV Template

As quick and easy as drag and drop. 



No limit to the number of templates you can make

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Headers & Footers

Add company branding to stand out



Chose whether you want ARA to hide details.



Customise what to include in each CV.

2. Upload your CV

We process CVs  in 1 min

Drag and drop CVs into ARA.

Works with any format of document. 

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Edit CV

Verify the AI and
promote your applicant

3. Edit the CV

This is your chance to upsell the applicant. Tell the world why they're amazing!

Send to client

4. Download CV

You now have a beautiful CV ready to show off to your client

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Human Verification

CVs processed within 1-hour*

If the CV is an image, it'll get sent automatically to our human team. Or you can choose to send the CV back to us.

*On average, in normal business hours.

Format on the go

Available on Phone

ARA Present is available on mobile, meaning you can format on the bus, train or golf course. 

GDPR Compliant

Select your timeframe for data to auto-delete.

Signed GDPR addendum. 

Responsive Tech Team

We're 100% open to feedback and suggestions. Got an idea for a feature, let us know!

Other Features

Unlimited Users


No limits on the number of users.

Invite your whole team. 

Dedicated Account Manager

Each subscription, regardless of size comes with a dedicated account manager!

Super Simple to Use

Intuitive and simple UI makes ARA Present easy to roll out and train.

Can be Integrated

Speak with your Account Manager to find our what we can do to integrate ARA Present.