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Candidate Presentation

Empower your recruiters with AI. Use HireAra to make your candidates & business stand out. Beautiful, standardised content at the click of a button. 

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Product Demo

Watch a 5-min product demo recorded by Tom our Founder.

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Join the thousands of recruiters using HireAra to make their candidates stand out.


Making candidate presentation quick and easy.

Brand Builder

Set up your brand guidelines then create candidate templates using our template builder. Control the branding available to the consultants delivering guaranteed consistency & standardisation.


Candidate Editor

After you've uploaded your candidate's CV, you can tweak, edit add covering notes and use our AI content assisstant in our simple to use editor. 

Candidate Editor

Export, then place ✅

Once you've perfected the candidate's profile, export as a PDF, Word doc or landing page. Visually stunning documents guaranteed to make your candidate stand out.

Export as





Cutting Edge Artificial Intelligene

Empowers your recruiters to write amazing content

Data Security

Data Security

You have complete control of your data. Choose whether you want to be able to store and reuse CVs on our platform, or auto-delete immediately. 


Get started. Today.

Jump on a demo with one of our founders to see the product live.

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