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A world-class CRM now features world-class candidate presentation. Use HireAra as the front end on Mercury to make your candidates & brand stand out.


Happy Recruiters

using HireAra


Decrease in

CV send time


Reduction in sales admin

Recruiters from a recruitment agency are delighted with the recruitment agency software that formats resumes easily. HireaAra create spec cv’s for recruiters. They are seeing good results with resume formatting services by HireAra and they believe that HireAra’s Resume formatting services actually work. It also has AI-based CV formatting.

Trusted by

30 businesses online using HireAra today from across the RDLC including

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CV Formatting Automation

Create beautifully branded, consistent & standardised candidate CVs / Resumes on HireAra in seconds.

Reduce manual admin time by 10x
Send out CVs quicker
Cheaper & more secure than outsourcing
Create beautifully branded, consistent & standardised candidate CVs / Resumes on HireAra. Resume formatting services with hireara is more Cheaper & more secure than outsourcing for recruitment agencies

Automated Business Development

Using candidate profiles in your outbound campaigns can increase engagement by 90%. Use our AI to automatically write Spec CVs, candidate summaries, email campaigns and LinkedIn posts. 

Send out higher quality content in less time
Create more leads
Build your funnel

Build a beautiful brand

Use our template builder to design a beautiful brand that shows off your business and your candidate. Need help perfecting your brand - get in touch. 

Templates guarantee consistency
Control the branding available to consultants
Use one of our preset templates or build your own
You can Build a beautiful resume with recruitment agency’s branded templates. Use HireAra template builder to design a beautiful branded Resume or CV with HireAra’s CV formatting service, that shows off your business and your candidate. In recruiting business there is always tought competition but recruitment agencies can save time with AI powered recruitment software for formatting CV’s like HireAra.

RDLC Member Benefits

RDLC members benefit from massive 4 figure discounts and lots of other benefits. 

15% off

Monthly Subscription

First 3-months

Worth up to £400 !!


20% off

Annual Subscription

First year

Worth up to £1,517 !!

Additional Member Perks

✅  Free brand review (worth £300)

✅  Dedicated Whatsapp group chat with HireAra founders

✅  Direct involvement & say on product roadmap

✅  Premium response times on live chat

✅  Additional 4 hours of live onboarding & training

✅  5 extra templates & 5 extra AI tags per account

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Try it Yourself

Candidate Presentation, to the MAX

Use our suite of presentation products to make your candidates stand out.

Full CV Formatting
Download a standardised, consistent CV


Spec CVs
Rapidly create an anonymous CV for speccing


Client Cover Sheets

Use our AI to fill in a client cover sheet automatically

Profile Writing / Candidate Summaries

AI-written candidate profiles, ready in seconds.

Outbound Email Campaigns

Outbound email campaigns drafted about your candidate

Candidate Landing Pages

Create a website for your candidate to make them stand out


As a recruitment agency, your candidate is your product.

Your candidate presentation sets the tone for your entire business.



> Increase the chance of placement

> Increase ease of candidate send

> Account growth

> Revenue protection



> Show your value-add

> Excellent design is memorable

> Consistency = Quality

> Guarantee a good first impression

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> Decrease CV send lead time.

> Decrease sales admin. 

> GDPR compliance guaranteed. 

> Make life easy for your team.

Testimonials from RDLC members

Loved by thousands of recruiters around the world.

Your candidate is your product.
Make your product shine.
Every time.

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Automate your recruitment agency’s business development tasks with HireAra. We help in business development for recruitment agencies, offering strategic solutions that redefine your cv formatting process. HireAra’s resume formatting services help recruiters with sales-focused recruitment strategies. If you are using database recruitment solutions to streamline candidate sourcing and enhance recruiter skills, maximizing recruitment success then HireAra can help you save time by formatting Resumes automatically with AI . Reduce time to hire with the help of our advanced CV formatting software designed for recruitment agencies. Explore our recruitment agency CV templates and build a stellar agency image.
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See the product live

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