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Contract Scotland Surveyed their Customers on Candidate Presentation

HireAra improved branding and efficiency for Contract Scotland, reducing CV lead time, increasing customer satisfaction, and enhancing the brand.


With 30 years of experience in the recruitment market, Contract Scotland specialises in consulting within the construction, engineering, property, and business support sectors to redefine their recruitment processes. Their unique focus is on providing both candidates and clients with an objective, transparent service that delivers real value and makes a lasting impact on their lives and businesses.

❌ Before HireAra

They used to have an Internal Administrator

  • The CV formatting process was handled by the team’s administrator, who had to juggle formatting CVs amongst their other, higher-value workload.

  • Most CVs were prepared and ready to go within an hour, however this was very much dependent on the administrators other workload.

  • "The quality of the CV produced was good, but as a business, it was a slow and costly process." - Alan Shave, Director.

They had attempted to use a solution offered by their CRM

  • After identifying the inefficiency in the business round CV formatting, the team then attempted to use a CV formatting solution offered by their CRM.

  • However the feedback from consultants on this tool was mixed, and the CVs were time consuming to put together and only ordinary in terms of presentation.

  • They struggled to win buy-in from the consultants, so began to research other tools in the market, which is when their director discovered HireAra.

✅ After HireAra

1. Branding and Design

In the initial phases of the pilot with HireAra, the HireAra team identified the potential to significantly improve the look and feel of Contract Scotland brand.

The HireAra brand team undertook a brand review, and designed several new branded options for the team to improve the look and feel, and to transform the CVs into a brand asset that Contract Scotland could be proud of.

To test the impact of the new brand, Contract Scotland surveyed their customer base and found incredible results.

Customer Survey Results assessing the impact of the HireAra designed templates.

85% Said they preferred the new HireAra template 70% Of respondents used the word "Professional" 20% Said the design increased the chance of interview 85% Said it was better than what they'd seen from other agencies

It was therefore clear from the excellent survey results that the new templates that HireAra’s team had designed for Contract Scotland were excellent and improved the look and feel of the brand and increased their customer’s perception of quality.

The HireAra designed templates were able to successfully position a Contract Scotland CV as a leading brand asset for the business, that made them and their candidate stand out from other agencies.

2. Pilot

The business initially kicked off a pilot with a small team using the platform to judge the results. The results of the pilot were equally impressive.

83% of consultants wanted to keep using HireAra after the pilot 80% Reduction in CV send lead time

The reduction in CV send lead time was experienced due to the fact the control of CV send now rested in the hands of the consultants. There were no other external parties involved meaning no wait time for the consultants, resulting in CVs being sent out of the door far quicker than before.

3. Full rollout

After the overriding success of the HireAra pilot, Contract Scotland proceeded to rollout HireAra across the whole business.

To support the rollout, HireAra provided two training sessions for the whole team, and ran several optional “lunch and learn” drop-in sessions that the team could join if they had any questions or feedback.

HireAra is now used widely across the business and has resulted in a massive improvement in their customers perception of quality and and an increase in the efficiency with which the business is run.

Quotes from users ""

“HireAra has fundamentally improved our customers perception of quality, making the Contract Scotland brand stand out. The HireAra team have been great to work with and very responsive to our feedback and questions.” Alan Shave, Director

We have had lots of positive feedback from our established clients who comment on how much more professional our CVs look compared to our competitors in the sector. I also feel we are presenting our candidates in a much better light too. Kirstin Marshall, Senior Recruitment Consultant

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