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The platform that cares as much as
you do about
Candidate Presentation

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Explore Beta Features

*Both BETA programs require a minimum Starter Package subscription

Print + Delivery

  • Candidate Presentation that gets you noticed

  • New Lead-gen channel

  • New distribution method

  • UK only

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Sift Report + Fit to Role

  • Hyper-personalised candidate content

  • Specified to the role

  • Show your value-add

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  Trusted by Leading Recruitment Agencies around the world

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However you present your candidates - we got it covered

The HireAra platform makes it easy for you to draft beautiful content that shows your candidate in their best light, whilst making your brand stand out.

AI-Powered Candidate Presentation, to the MAX

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Security and Privacy  that you can count on

From a secure platform that improves your data security

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Integrated Seamlessly

Use HireAra effortlessly within your CRM

Loved by thousands of recruiters and experts

Our Experience has been brilliant

Simone Sullivan

Director, Anthem Consulting

Best on the market

Ivor Stratford

Director, Morpheus Group

Game Changer

Ben Mcqueeney

Director, Caledonian Recruitment

We finally found a system that works

Natasha Hilton-Keane

Director, Osborne Thomas

Your candidate is your product.
Make your product shine.
Every time.

Automate your recruitment agency’s business development tasks with HireAra. We help in business development for recruitment agencies, offering strategic solutions that redefine your cv formatting process. HireAra’s resume formatting services help recruiters with sales-focused recruitment strategies. If you are using database recruitment solutions to streamline candidate sourcing and enhance recruiter skills, maximizing recruitment success then HireAra can help you save time by formatting Resumes automatically with AI . Reduce time to hire with the help of our advanced CV formatting software designed for recruitment agencies. Explore our recruitment agency CV templates and build a stellar agency image.

See the product live

Book a call with one of our founders to see the platform live.

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