Decreasing Admin, Increasing Conversion

ARA Present

ARA Present

ARA's Ai Automatically acesses candidate

Automatically reformats and brands your CV's


Focus on getting your candidates in-front of potential clients 


Relieves you of administrative tasks


Helps beat competition

Automate with ARA Present


Receive good CV from applicant


Choose what you want the CV to include in the ARA website

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ARA anonymises contact details and adds your branding

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ARA returns the CV in seconds 

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More CVs sent out quicker to more clients helping you beat competition

What does ARA Present do?


ARA automatically reformats CVs into a consistent format with your branding on, allowing you to choose how much personal information you want to show or hide. You can also add a description of the applicant to aid your business development effort. In automating the CV formatting, ARA guarantees consistency to your clients and removes admin work from your sales team.


ARA’s CV formatting allows your consultants to send out more CVs to more leads, quicker, aiding your sales growth.

How does ARA Present work?

ARA uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to read and understand a CV before reformatting it into your desired template. ARA is backed by a team of humans, so should our AI struggle, that CV can be reviewed by our human team to guarantee the quality of the CV you get back.