Efficient, Effective and Bias-Free Recruitment

ARA Assess

ARA's Ai Automatically acesses candidate

ARA's AI Assesses Applicants

Integrates with your HR tech stack


Automated Candidate Feedback


ATS Capabilities 



50% Cost Savings vs. Humans



Empirical Decision Making 

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Real-Time Processing

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Removal of Personal Data

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Human Backed

Data Analysts On-Demand

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What Does ARA Do?

ARA – Automated Recruitment Advisor – removes bias from the recruitment process, whilst saving recruiters time, increasing speed and improving quality of hire. ARA does this by making decisions more empirical, fair, transparent and automated. When you receive an application to a job, ARA will review the applicant in real time, and rapidly flag the best candidates. This allows your team to spend their time reviewing the best applicants and progress their application quicker.

How Does ARA Work?

ARA uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to judge applicants in real time. ARA excludes personal data from the AI decision making process, ensuring applicants are judged blindly. ARA is backed up by a team of humans, so should ARA have low confidence in the data, our human team step in to verify and train ARA on that case. ARA can integrate with existing recruitment tech or can replace it. Versus traditional recruiting, ARA is cheaper, better, faster and bias free.


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